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What Annie came to know, is that in a group dynamic of the old therapy ways, where you all sit around and 'share' your story, the story wasn't being told. But, put them in a room doing art, without rules, just giving them the supplies and a few words, incredible things would show up. The body and unconsciousness would be doing the art!


I didn't really learn about networking till I was in my late teens. Then, we all realized that in order to get a job, we had to go out there are talk to me.

Quite frankly, this is a book I would recommend to any young person, because it teaches skills that they have to have. If their parents don't get it for them, they need to get it for themselves.

No one is going to come up to a young person and show them everything they need to know. However someone has taken the time to write down some of the things that will help them to make vital connections offline.

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